At JATCO we are not environmental activists, we are active environmentalists. Every product exiting our door is saving our environment globally!


We specialize in environmental solutions for oil and gas production, pollution control systems, “BTEX ELIMINATOR®” systems and bundle condensers.


We aim for cost effective environmental solutions by constantly striving for better methods to control pollution while allowing our customers to continue production of vital energy resources. Our planet's future is at stake.

Since commencing operations in 1988, JATCO has experienced steady growth in providing environmental solutions for oil and gas production, as well as transportation industries.

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, JATCO manufactures and sells simple, cost effective and reliable equipment designed to for atmosphere, water, and soil pollution prevention. Our first effort began when an oil field pumper asked us to design a method of keeping hazardous liquid wastes from contaminating his locations. Now after years of proven success, our environmental tanks have become the industry's top selling automatic blowcases.

Later, our customers asked for a pollution prevention solution for glycol dehydrators, used to condition gas before it can be sent through pipeline systems. After extensive research, a simple air cooled system was developed, and it's now the most used and most efficient system of its type.

JATCO is marketed and installed across the USA, Canada and South America and has many different types of “BTEX ELIMINATOR®” systems and other environmental solutions for oil and gas which accommodate a diverse industry.